Snowy Easter in Kaipola

Pitkävuori, Kaipola, Central Finland

Last days of March… and spring was nowhere to be found. Grey landscapes of Helsinki and Espoo were starting to bore and depress me. It’s like weather got stuck somewhere in the middle – between winter and spring. It was snowing almost every day, and in the evenings snow was turning into slippery mud. So, I was more than happy to leave Southern Finland and spend Easter in Kaipola, Central Finland.

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Nordic walking in Soukka

Sunset view from the top of the cliff, Soukka,Espoo

If you are not from Finland, then you probably wonder what is Soukka.

Soukka is a Finnish district, located in southwestern part of Espoo city. It’s one of the oldest areas in Espoo. I moved here in the end of April of 2016.

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