Holiday in Sri Lanka. Part ten. Accommodation

Mount Lavinia hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

I think I haven’t mentioned it before… but during our stay in Sri Lanka we managed to stay in four (!) different hotels, and one of those was paid for the entire holiday. Yes, I know, it sounds silly, weird and impractical. But as they say, wisdom comes with the experience. And next time we come to Sri Lanka, we are going to plan our vacation and accommodation differently. But for now, I can share the valuable information with you about the places we stayed in.

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Holiday in Sri Lanka. Part nine. Delights of Sri Lankan cuisine

Mount Lavinia Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Even though I have told you all what I possibly could about our holiday in Sri Lanka, there are still two things left unsaid. Things that are worth mentioning. Food and accommodation. And in this post I will share our restaurant, café and bar experience.

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Holiday in Sri Lanka. Part two. Expectations vs Reality

Walking in Mount Lavinia beach, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Before going to Sri Lanka, I read information about this island in both – Russian and English. So, I would know what to expect, since I had absolutely no idea where we were going. Mainly I was reading posts and reviews written by other travelers. Some positive, some negative. And just like a puzzle they came together into a whole picture.

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