Snowy Easter in Kaipola

Pitkävuori, Kaipola, Central Finland

Last days of March… and spring was nowhere to be found. Grey landscapes of Helsinki and Espoo were starting to bore and depress me. It’s like weather got stuck somewhere in the middle – between winter and spring. It was snowing almost every day, and in the evenings snow was turning into slippery mud. So, I was more than happy to leave Southern Finland and spend Easter in Kaipola, Central Finland.

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My Nordic walking experience

Nordic walking

For those who is not familiar with the term – Nordic walking (Finnish: sauvakävely) is fitness walking with specially designed poles, which are quite similar to ski poles only shorter. I haven’t heard about this type of walking till 2005, when I visited Finland for the first time. And when I saw people walking with the poles in the middle of July… I giggled. Well… in my defense – it looked silly, funny and unnatural.

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