Finnish Archipelago. Part one

Mossala Island Resort, Houtskari, Archipelago trail, Finland

We have been planning our mini Finnish archipelago road trip for quite some time. And only in the summer of 2016 it finally became possible. Although I must admit… it wasn’t easy. Sometimes I even thought that the weather is against us. It was raining almost every single day. Downpours were replaced by rain, rain turned back to downpours, and we didn’t see the end of it. In other words, the summer of 2016 turned to be a real Finnish summer.

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The Ultimate winter experience

Kievari Rantapirtti, Central Finland

I remember my first visit to snowy Central Finland like it was yesterday… I remember how fascinated I was by the beauty of majestic Finnish nature. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen the snow before. White winters were quite common also in Latvia, where I grew up. But somehow in Finland it seems different.

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Helsinki Christmas market

Senate Square, Helsinki Cathedral, X-mas-market, Helsinki, Finland

Ah… Christmas! It might be hard to believe but just a few years ago I wasn’t really into celebrating Christmas, and catching Christmas spirit at some point was a “mission impossible”. But I guess it grew on me. And now I’m visiting local Christmas market with my husband every year. It became our tradition. Don’t know about you but for me personally X-mas market is like a little miracle. This is the place that makes me smile, it brings me happiness and joy.

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Blogger evening in Dennis

Ristorante Dennis, Kamppi, Helsinki

Last week I was invited to an interesting event in Dennis restaurant by their marketing chef – Merit Kuusniemi. Name of the event was “Vege-evening”. Which meant – vegetarian and vegan tasting menu. Some of you might wonder what so interesting about that… but the thing is… I am a meat eater and a meat lover. To the bone.

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Herkkujen Suomi 2017

Herkkujen Suomi - Delicacies of Finland 2017

As you might have guessed already by now – I really do love summer. Main reason is of course the unique possibility to enjoy sunny (if lucky) and warm (once again – if lucky) days. It’s the best time for road trips and outdoor activities. It’s also the time, when Helsinki has most interesting food and drinks events (like Craft beer Helsinki from one of my oldest posts).

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