Holiday in Sri Lanka. Part three. Colombo

As I mentioned in the previous blog post – capital of Sri Lanka is a city with many faces. If you drive just couple kilometers outside the center, you’ll easily get an impression that you have moved not just to other neighborhood but most likely to another country. Even though I was expecting to see tons of garbage on the streets and in the river… it was really hard to acknowledge and accept this fact.

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Holiday in Sri Lanka. Part two. Expectations vs Reality

Walking in Mount Lavinia beach, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Before going to Sri Lanka, I read information about this island in both – Russian and English. So, I would know what to expect, since I had absolutely no idea where we were going. Mainly I was reading posts and reviews written by other travelers. Some positive, some negative. And just like a puzzle they came together into a whole picture.

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Holiday in Sri Lanka. Part one. Intro

This photo was made from the Mount Lavinia Hotel terrace.

Not so long time ago I came back from Sri Lanka, where I’ve spent my summer holiday. It was quite an experience! Incomparable to any other vacation I’ve ever had before. Some might wonder why I choose Sri Lanka, what’s so special about this place. Well… to be completely honest it wasn’t my first choice. Or second for that matter.

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