Travel hunting. In search of a perfect getaway

Behind the scenes. Travel hunting. In search of a perfect getaway

I started checking holiday package offers quite early this time, even before I knew the exact vacation days. And within a few minutes I found a very nice offer on Aurinkomatkat. Seven-day trip to Marmaris (Turkey), straight Finnair flights and an accommodation in a 3-star apartment-hotel cost only 300 euros per person. “Not bad”, thought I and started dreaming about my upcoming perfect getaway.

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Social media vs Real life

Vera Staha, Nuuksio National Park, Espoo, Finland

Social media became an important part of our life. People are sharing their best moments with the world. Beautiful clothes, luxury bags, expensive cars, exotic resorts, Michelin restaurant’s masterpieces on a plate, etc. Looking at these photos you might get an impression that bloggers have it all. But I think in most of the cases Instagram feed is not a reflection of the reality but rather an illusion of a perfect life. A pretty decoration, if you will.

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