Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Vera Staha. I’m a writer and up to this moment I was writing only in Russian: novels, stories, short stories, miniatures, photo reports etc. One of the reasons why I decided to start writing in English is a desire to share my travel experience with the wider audience. And after writing few reviews on a TripAdvisor I realized that it is just a tip of the iceberg, because those reviews do not give the full picture of the whole traveling experience. That is why I started my own travel blog. I am not planning to make a travel guide. No, my blog is all about first-hand experience, first impressions (good and bad) and stories, both – funny and sad (mostly funny though). I’ll write reviews about the places I’ve visited, and also share some tips with you and will give some advises, which (I hope) might ease your traveling.

Most important thing what you should know about my style of traveling – I’m planning my trips a little bit different than most of the women. I’m not really interested in shopping… unless they offer big sales or/and products which are not possible to find in my own country. Of course if I see some interesting shop I will check it out just out of curiosity. I don’t like to lie on a beach. Tan line is good to have but first of all I am too impatient to lie around doing nothing, and secondly – sunbathing is contraindicated for me. Movement – is everything. And if at home I can easily spend a day watching TV, reading good book or playing board games with my husband, when I’m abroad – I want to see and to learn as much as possible. The usual daily routine during holiday: early wake up, breakfast, exploring local sightseeing and attractions with breaks for lunch, dinner and beer. Usually my husband and I are walking about ten to twelve hours per day (every day!). And while most tourists are heading towards the restaurant and/or nightclub, we are returning to our hotel and passing out within seconds.

So as you probably guessed I’m not really attracted to palm trees, sea and golden-sand beaches. Nope. I am more interested in history, culture, art, architecture, nature, traditions, national dishes and…beer! I know that beer is not a “girly drink” but as they say: everyone has their weak spot.

Hope my posts will be helpful for you!