Exploring Finland: the beauty of Jämsä

Puukkoinen, Kuhmoinen, Central Finland

I’ve already written posts about Jämsä and Kaipola, and if I’m not mistaken one of my first blog posts was about my experience in Nordic walking here. And in those posts, I highlighted my favourite places in Kaipola, Pitkävuori and lake Päijänne.

Main reason why I love spending time in Pitkävuori is the view. You might have seen it couple of times on my Instagram, if you are following me. The sunsets here are truly spectacular! Colourful and vibrant. Only thing that might spoil the moment are mosquitoes, they can be extremely annoying.

As for lake Päijänne… I come here when I want to be alone with my thoughts or just to be alone with no thoughts at all. Päijänne is my meditation spot, a place where I always feel relaxed and calm. I enjoy looking at the water and catching the beauty of Finnish nature with my camera.

When there is no wind, the water is completely still and its surface looks like a liquid mirror. I am simply hypnotized by it.

Lake Päijänne is the second largest lake in Finland. An underground aqueduct connects it to city of Vantaa, providing Helsinki and the area with drinkable water.

Other lake I often go to is Pitkäjärvi:

* * *

When we visited Jämsä in June I was eager to see more. I was ready for a new adventure. And what can be more adventurous than exploring a new land? Well, new for me anyways.

We didn’t have any specific plan, we just got in the car and started driving. There are many fields and farms in Jämsä area with lonely houses standing aside. You won’t hear typical sounds of the big city; there are no rush, no queues and no big crowds. It’s a totally different world. At times it felt like we traveled through time and ended up in the medieval ages.

First place we came across was Juveninkoski, the highest and steepest waterfall in Central Finland, which makes it one of the most well-known natural sights in Jämsä.

After that we went on a hunt. We were searching for a nature reserve Myllymäen isoryöni, a mini canyon of some sort. I didn’t find any information in English on how to get there and only vague instruction in Finnish. I guess it’s one way to preserve a certain area; zero information means zero visitors. Unfortunately for them we are stubborn, and we had no intention of giving up. It took us some time but in the end we found a hidden sign:

And a canyon itself:

* * *

Vanha mylly (The Old mill) is a restaurant situated in the old mill that was built in 1900. The mill was closed in 1952 and after a major renovation in 1969 it was opened as a restaurant. It was listed as a protected industrial building in 1982.

Can’t say anything about their menu, I’ve never been here before. Besides, we didn’t come here for the food; we came for this:

In order to make this photo I had to climb inside an old locomotive, which stands next to the Vanha mylly:

Last but not least was an Aarresaari, the Treasure Island. Some say a treasure was buried on this island and that’s how it got its name. I think I have heard that story before, maybe even read it in a book… Not Finnish, though.

Nowadays Aarresaari is an open-air museum. The museum buildings were moved here from the Jämsänkoski area between 1950s and 1970s.

And here is the full list of all the things Jämsä has to offer, in case you decide to visit this magical town:

Hope you enjoyed it!


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