Last minute deal: 7 days in Paradise. Road trip to Mount Teide

Road trip to Mount Teide, Tenerife, Canary islands, Spain

 “To visit Tenerife and not to see the Mount Teide is like to come to Rome with no intention of seeing the Colosseum”, that’s what I thought when I was checking Tenerife travel brochure in the morning.  So, on the last day of our vacation we finally went to see the famous Peak up-close. Spoiler alert: best decision ever!

A road trip to the volcano is much more than just getting from point A to point B. It’s a colourful and unforgettable journey. It’s a beautiful mountain road with lots of picturesque viewing spots, where you can stop, take a break and enjoy the stunning nature and incredible panorama of Tenerife island.

What surprise me the most was the change of scenery. At times it felt like someone put a retro slide projector on and started showing us pictures that were taken from different parts of the world. Or better yet, it felt like we were driving through the movie sets. First, we drove through the dry land; perfect for making movies about Africa. One click of the invisible slide projector, and suddenly we were surrounded by the fluffy green pines.

Which were followed by the field of volcanic rocks and a thick green forest in the background. Who knows, maybe that’s how prehistoric forest looked like.

There was only one thing missing from the landscape… a dinosaur! Yep, it could easily be a film “The Lost World”, based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s book of the same name.

* * *

Few kilometres later we landed on Mars. It was so weird! It’s like we passed a magical gate that teleported us to another planet. I was looking around with my jaw wide opened. I couldn’t believe my eyes. And all that time I was wondering, “Is this even real?”. But it was.

Another click of the slide projector and we are in… Arizona, USA. I’ve never been to Arizona or US for that matter, but I have watched many travel programs about it. And it was first that popped up in my mind when I saw this landscape.

And there, in the middle of Arizona doppelgänger stood its highness volcano Teide. Beautiful and majestic.

It is possible to get to the top of Mount Teide by cable car:

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit it that day, but now we have something to do when we come to Tenerife next time.

* * *

Our journey reminded me of Jules Verne’s novels. Or the movies based on his stories. Well, minus the danger and the drama. And it was mind-blowing! I loved every part of this amazing road trip. And I can’t even describe how happy I am that we decided to spend our last day on the road, exploring the island and seeing so many magnificent sceneries.

Tenerife is truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen!

Hope you enjoyed it!


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