Last minute deal: 7 days in Paradise. Las Americas and Los Cristianos

Las Americas, Tenerife, Spain

The only thing we wanted to do after a long and exhausting day we had yesterday was to take it easy and have as less driving as possible. And since we didn’t want to spend the whole day in the apartment or by the pool, we went to see one of the most famous beaches in Tenerife, Las Americas.

The weather was colder in comparison with previous days, nonetheless it still felt warmish and summerish. It wasn’t the best day for swimming, but perfect for the long walks and long beer breaks in between.

So, there I was, sitting lazily on a terrace in some restaurant, drinking cold local beer, enjoying a lovely day and listening to the relaxing sound of Atlantic Ocean. The vacay vibes were all around me.

Las Americas truly is a touristic place. It is filled with shops, restaurants, cafes… well, and lots of tourists. People come here to chill, drink beer and/or colourful cocktails, eat fresh sea food or other deliciousness Tenerife has to offer, and take a sunbath if weather allows. But I was surprised to learn that some people come here to surf. Even though waves weren’t big, it was still fun to watch. Especially for someone like me, who has seen surfers only on TV.

We walked all the way to Playa del Bunker which has so called natural swimming pool.

This one is much safer and easier to get to comparing to the one I saw in Los Gigantes. I think it will be perfect for families with kids as well. But keep in mind that temperature of the water in the winter can be no more than +19+20 C, if you are lucky.

Few years back I would say this water is freezingly cold, and I wouldn’t even dip my toes in it. But life in Finland changed me. Not right away, of course. It took quite some time before my body completely adapted to the cold Finnish weather and cold Finnish summer. And now +18+19 C water feels fine for me. It’s cool and refreshing, but not cold anymore.

Rest of the day we spent in Los Cristianos, which is approximately 2.5 kilometers away from Las Americas. It’s a nice little town with its own harbor and beach:

Walking its narrow streets, I was looking at the cute houses and thinking how much they reminded me of another Spanish town, Llivia. I’ve been to Llivia in 2014, and I fell in love with it. I guess the resemblance between these two is the reason I got enchanted by Los Cristianos.

It felt great not to have any plans for a change and spend a day without any rush, just wonder around and explore this magnificent island.

Lots of walking, lots of resting, lots of positive emotions. What a fantastic day! It couldn’t have been better!

Hope you enjoyed it!


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