Last minute deal: 7 days in Paradise. Los Gigantes

Vigilia Park Apartments, Los Gigantes, Tenerife, Spain

I thought it would be nice to have one day when we don’t need to drive anywhere. A day-off for my husband since he is the only driver in our family. Yep, I am 30+ and I still don’t have a driving licence. Why not? Well, first of all, driving schools are extremely expensive in Finland, and secondly, I work in Helsinki center and it’s much easier to come there by public transport than by car. Although I admit, sometimes driving license can be really handy during our travels.

Anyways, on the third day of our holiday we decided to take it easy and have a slow morning routine without a rush.

My husband wanted to spend whole day by the pool with a glass of cold beer in his hand, and I wanted to check out Los Gigantes area by foot. So, in order to please us both we had to compromise and combine those two together.

It felt great to go for a walk and explore the streets of Los Gigantes. There is a lovely little town filled with shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and few hotels. And even though it is quite touristy, it’s also very charming. At least I loved it!

We also found the local beach – Playa de Los Gigantes. Although to be completely honest with you it didn’t impress us much. Of course, it was nice to see the black sand for the first time but that’s the only special thing about it. The coast is covered with stones which makes it almost impossible to get to the water if you are barefooted. So, after making a shot of this sad beach, we moved towards the port.

One of the main reasons I wanted to come here was the dolphin and whale watching tour. A travel agent from the Promenade (main street in Vigilia Park Apartments) was trying to sell it to us, but we didn’t buy it because I wanted to check offers from the other companies first and compare their prices before purchasing anything. I was particularly interested in a wooden “pirate” ship Flipper Uno that I saw in one internet add. And at that point it didn’t really matter to me are we going to see dolphins or not, because I thought it would be an amazing sea adventure and a great experience even without them. I could easily close my eyes and pretend that I am standing on the deck of Black Pearl together with Captain Jack Sparrow, sailing away to the open sea.

I checked few tour booths and as it turned out they all have basically same prices. Only differences were the boat type and duration of the trip (2.5h and 3.5h).

After I got all the information I needed, we turned back. We’ve already left the Puerto Deportivo Los Gigantes, when I spotted a small door that led to a terrace with the restaurant, swimming pool and so-called Los Gigantes Marina.

We stayed here for a while, enjoying the beautiful seascape.

The sound of ocean is truly mesmerizing…

Another interesting discovery we made on our way back to Vigilia Park was the Natural swimming pool. I have never seen one before. It looked cool, although it might be a bit challenging to get to the water:

I made a video of this place as well; you can check it here.

Hope you enjoyed it!


3 thoughts on “Last minute deal: 7 days in Paradise. Los Gigantes

  1. Lovely walk around, I always love to explore like that! Will you do a post on the whale/dolphin watching? We went in Tenerife by a sailing boat but the boat did no sailing whatsoever and the promised “break to swim in the sea” never happened. We did see the dolphins and our boat was friendlier than the motor boats driving right next to them which I would imagine is stressful for the animals.

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  2. Oh yes, I will write a separate post about it. No spoilers 😊
    I’m sorry to hear about your experience, but good that you managed to see the dolphins. I also think that sailing boats are the best for dolphin and whale watching.

    Liked by 1 person

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