What and where we ate in Budapest

Budapest in the evening, Hungary

We didn’t eat much outside during our stay in Hungary. Mainly because this time we had the whole apartment at our disposal, and we could cook at home at any time we wanted. And as I mentioned in the first Budapest post, closest food market Lidl was a couple of hundred meters away. So, we prepared all our breakfasts and some dinners in our small kitchen (this is one way to save money when you travel by the way). Nevertheless, we managed to visit few eateries. Some were good, some were brilliant…

First place where we ate was Buono bistro; located in the shopping mall Corvin Plaza, not far from our apartment. Their dishes reminded me of Pyttipannu (Finnish word), Pyttipanna in Swedish, which basically means “small pieces in a pan”. The idea is to put whatever you can find in a fridge and fry it all in a pan. And as soon as I saw my plate, I thought that Buono used similar concept when they were creating their menu.

Buono bistro, Budapest, Hungary
Buono bistro, Budapest, Hungary

Grilled mini sausages, cabbage aged in wine, mini hash browns and fresh salad garnish. Quite a filling dish for only 1.490,00 Ft (less than 5 euro). It might not look presentable, but it’s delicious! I would call it a simple rustic lunch.

Next day we were searching for some traditional Hungarian cuisine restaurant. And when I say “searching” I don’t mean that we were googling it with our phones. No, we were simply walking through the unfamiliar streets in the evening and were checking menus of every restaurant and bistro we passed. The old-fashioned way. After an hour or so we finally spotted Tüköry Étterem. And what a great find it was! Authentic, rustic, call it whatever you like. In my eyes it was perfect!

I don’t remember whether I have mentioned it before, but I am not really a fan of fine dining. Elegant or super-modern interiors, white table linens, dozens of different eating utensils and small portions of a modern piece of art on a plate that doesn’t even look like a real food… all these things are making me uncomfortable. And if I need to choose between a Michelin-starred molecular gastronomy restaurant and some simple unmapped pub that offers traditional home-cooked style food with a pint of beer and live folk music… well, I won’t think twice.

So, I guess now you understand why I was so excited when we entered this restaurant. Prices here are a bit higher than in the other places we visited but it was worth every penny. Stuff was friendly and welcoming, and food was just what I was craving for. Paprika-spiced juicy meat and pancakes cooked to perfection.

Restaurant Tüköry Étterem, Budapest, Hungary
Restaurant Tüköry Étterem, Budapest, Hungary

I’ve noticed that most of Hungarian dishes are not that photogenic… but I don’t mind it because I remember all the amazing flavours they have.

Before our Hungarian holiday I’ve red few articles about Budapest restaurants. And many people suggested to go to Jewish quarter and check out the restaurants there. We were intrigued, so we decided to spend one evening in that district.

What can I say? Most of the places in that area are quite… unique. I would even use words “funky” and “hipsterish”. Maybe even a bit weird. Too weird for our taste. And it made me feel uneasy. I wanted to leave and find some quiet place to eat and have a beer.

That’s how we ended up in the Galleria Pub. Cozy atmosphere, cold beer and tasty Hungarian classics. It was exactly what the doctor ordered!

After one more beer round we took off and started walking towards our apartment. We heard a noise of a crowd when we got to Kazinczy street, so we went to see what’s all the fuss about.

Kazinczy street, Jewish District, Budapest, Hungary
Kazinczy street, Jewish District, Budapest, Hungary

Street food Paradise! Lots of food trucks that were selling different variations and mini-versions of traditional dishes, pizzas, burgers and all sort of Hungarian snacks. I wanted to have a small bite of each and every one of them… but unfortunately, I was too full after Galleria Pub. Real pity that we didn’t find this place earlier! Karavan Street food would be a perfect way to end the last evening in Budapest.

My full stomach was advising me to suck it up and go home. But I couldn’t leave empty-handed. I had to try at least something. So, I bought a cinnamon Chimney cake for us.

Kürtös Legenda had one of the longest queues, but it was definitely worth the wait. And do you know what’s funny? Chimney cake is nothing more than a rolled dough baked on an open fire and topped with sugar and cinnamon mix. Such a simple dish. If you think about it, it’s just bread with sugar. Yet, it tastes like a piece of heaven when you eat it fresh and warm!

* * *

And the last place I would like to mention is the largest indoor market in Budapest – the Great Market Hall. Built in 1897, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Great Market Hall, Budapest, Hungary

This is one way to get to know the city, the country and its people. Food, spices (Hungarian paprika is a must-buy), alcohol, clothes, home décor, kitchen supplies, various souvenirs; and everything is local. You’ll find a couple of eateries on the second floor where you can try traditional home-cooked meals.

Great Market Hall is also a great place to make the last-minute shopping. At least that is what we did before heading to the airport.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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