Budapest. Intro

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest. Intro

Usually I reserve a hotel and buy plane tickets at least two months in advance. It’s less stressful for me this way, – it’s done and no need to worry about it anymore. I can just relax and put the vacation countdown. I like to plan ahead, I like to know what is coming and where. But this time I’ve decided to do things differently…

Two weeks before my vacation days I’ve started an intensive search. I didn’t have any specific city in mind. Or even country for that matter. I was just looking for something affordable. So, I opened a map of Europe, checked countries where I haven’t been before and checked for options on That’s how I ended up buying a five-day trip to Budapest, Hungary.

I’ve chosen an apartment for us because it was much cheaper than a hotel. It didn’t have many good reviews… but I thought that it couldn’t possibly be worse than the Olympia Hotel in London where we stayed in 2016. Luckily for us I was right.

Central Apartments Budapest weren’t a luxurious accommodation, of course. But it was nice and clean, it had all the basic things a traveler might need. And most importantly it had a very good location. Lidl (food market) was close by. Shopping mall and metro station were also quite near, which was a huge plus and made our traveling much easier.

I wouldn’t give this place a five-star review, but I must say that it turned out to be better than I expected. Although, I’m sure that some people may disagree with me.

This is the main entrance:

First room:

Main bedroom combined with living room:

Corridor (view from the main room):

Ridiculously narrow kitchen:

To be honest, I have never seen that kind of kitchen before. Not in Russia, not in Baltic countries, not in Ukraine. It was really weird and super uncomfortable to use.


Hot water worked fine, and the water pressure was good.

I’ve noticed a couple of cockroaches and few ants during our stay… but I saw them as a part of the interior. I even got a little bit… well, nostalgic, I guess. If you have lived in one of the former USSR countries, then you might understand what I mean.

Overall, I would say that our stay wasn’t perfect (main problem was the kitchen, plus the lift didn’t always work well and that was a bummer since the apartment we stayed in was on the ninth floor). But it wasn’t bad either because like I’ve already mentioned, apartment was clean and neat, and the location was great. I think we could easily spend here a week or two.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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2 thoughts on “Budapest. Intro

  1. Holiday time is finally over, and I am ready to step into 2019. I’ve decided to open this year with a post about my trip to Budapest, Hungary. I fell in love with this beautiful place, its history, culture and food. And I’ll tell you all about it in my upcoming blog posts. So, stay tuned 😉


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