My travel essentials

Up in the air

There are dozens of blog posts and YouTube videos dedicated to this theme. Trust me, I know. I’ve seen quite a few myself. But everyone is different, and everybody has his/her own opinion in a matter. It depends on a gender, travel style, destinations, travel experience, preferences, health issues and many other things. That is why I’ve also decided to give it a go and to share my travel essentials with you, my readers. Hopefully this information will be useful.

Don’t know about you but I’m always making a list of all the things I should pack. I divide them in the following categories:

  • Travel documents
  • Money & cards
  • Electronics & gadgets
  • Medicine
  • Skin care products, makeup, etc.
  • Shoes & clothes
  • Accessories
  • Others

Travel documents:

  • Passport or/and travel ID
  • Tickets and check-ins
  • Hotel or apartment voucher
  • Car rental receipt (if we have rented a car)

Money and all the necessary cards. For example, debit/credit cards, travel insurance and European health insurance cards, some loyal customer or bonus cards (for example, Finnair, Miles & More, Club One, etc.).

Electronics and gadgets:

  • Mobile phone
  • Power bank
  • Charger with an extra cord
  • Tablet; very handy especially on the plane where we always play Carcassonne
  • Travel plug adapter (if needed)
  • Navigator (only if we are renting a car)
  • Camera*, three camera batteries (all charged in advance), camera charger and two SD cards

* although nowadays we don’t take camera as often with us as before; phone cameras are more than enough lately


Electronics and gadgets


  • Blisters (Compeed only!)
  • Smecta / Rennie / Samarin
  • Precosa
  • Aspirin
  • Painkillers (because shit happens, as they say)
  • Prescription medication
  • Nose medicine (usually Naso-ratiopharm)*

* travel experience taught me to take Naso-ratiopharm everywhere, no matter what season it is – summer or winter. Once I got sick in Malta (thanks to air conditioner) and all I could find in the pharmacy was some eucalyptus spray that didn’t help me much. The worst situation though I had in Austria, where we’ve spent winter holidays. I woke up in the middle of the night because my nose was completely stuck, and I couldn’t breath at all. Numerous trips to the bathroom didn’t bring any relief, nose was still stuck. And it was difficult to breath through the mouth. At some point I got so desperate that I’ve decided to try a spray for sore throat (only thing that I had in my first aid kit)… Let’s just say it was a bad idea. Very bad idea. It felt like my nose was on fire. No, worse! It felt like I sprayed sulfuric acid to my nose. There was nothing else that I could do, so I just waited for the closest pharmacy to open. I had to wait three hours. I think it’s needless to say that it has been the longest three hours in my life. So, since that day I always have Naso-ratiopharm in my purse. Better safe than sorry.

Skin care products, makeup, etc.:

  • Moisturizing face cream, under eye cream and skin toner*
  • Face swipes or micellar water

Lumene face care products

  • Make up; I don’t use much makeup, and when I say it, I actually mean it. For summer time I usually use mascara, something for the eyebrows, lipstick or lip gloss and sometimes under eye concealer (I don’t really need it after I get suntan). During cold season I add CC cream, eyeliner pencils, one more lipstick and eyeshadow palette to this list.

Summer makeup essentials

Lumene Nordic chic mascara, eyebrow brush, Maybelline Tattoo brow micro-pen tint (deep brown), Lumene matte lipstick Nordic seduction (4 – Spring night)


Winter makeup essentials

Lumene CC cream, Maybelline crayon finish waterproof pencil (38 – Brown), Maybelline kohl eyeliner (300 – Edgy emerald), L.O.V. lip affair color & care lipstick (№551 Christina’s Red), Catrice eyeshadow palette The Nude Blossom

  • Shampoo (quite often I’m taking a solid shampoo bar), conditioner, hair mousse and hairspray**
  • Perfume
  • Lip balm and hand cream
  • Travel razor
  • Tooth paste for sensitive teeth and tooth brush
  • Hairbrush (tangle teezer only, it’s the best choice for my thin hair)

* I use mainly Lumene products because they are made in Finland and I can buy them fresh from the Lumene factory shop; Lumene is a good quality product, dermatologically tested and most importantly – it is not tested on animals

** if I’m traveling with a carry-on bag, then I choose either travel-sized tubes for liquids or simply buy hair products when I arrive to our destination

Shoes and clothes

Vacation is basically the only time when I find capsule wardrobe extremely useful. You’ll need just few pieces to create different outfits for 7-12 days.

As for shoes… I always take only the most comfortable pairs, because we walk a lot during our travels. We never dine in fancy restaurants, that’s why you won’t find high heels in my luggage. My favorite footwear brands are Rieker, Clarks and s. Oliver.



  • Travel purse (small crossbody bag for everyday use)
Travel purses

Travel purses

Green – Brit-stitch, red – no brand, silver – Miss Selfridge, golden – O.I.S.

  • Travel wallet; I always take smaller wallet with me since I don’t need all my cards when I’m abroad
  • Travel organizers


These are from eBay. I found similar and cheaper on Aliexpress.



  • Two pens
  • Small notebook that can fit in my travel purse
  • Medium size notebook (to write about our travel adventures)
  • Hair straightener
  • Shawl; I take it with me because of two reasons:
  1. to cover myself during flights (once I got a horrible neck and ear pain on a SAS plane because air vent was blowing like a crazy and it was not possible to switch it off)
  2. to cover myself when we visit churches

And if we are having holiday in a warm country, I will also take sunglasses, swimming suit, hat, heavy duty sun lotion and after sun lotion, opened shoes (not flip-flops, can’t wear those) and maybe a good book, in case I’m going to take a sunbath:

Summer extras

Summer extras

Hope you enjoyed it!


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