My travel essentials

Up in the air

There are dozens of blog posts and YouTube videos dedicated to this theme. Trust me, I know. I’ve seen quite a few myself. But everyone is different, and everybody has his/her own opinion in a matter. It depends on a gender, travel style, destinations, travel experience, preferences, health issues and many other things. That is why I’ve also decided to give it a go and to share my travel essentials with you, my readers. Hopefully this information will be useful.

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What to do in Munich in 3 hours


Unfortunately, Munich has never been our final destination. But I’m glad we were lucky enough to have a glimpse of this beautiful city. How did we manage to do that? Easy! In order to save money, we are simply avoiding direct flights. And instead we are looking for transfer flights and searching for places where we could spend our waiting time (approximately five to seven hours*). That way we are able to see more cities and countries during our travels.

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Serbia. What I’ve learned and first impression

Bela Crkva area, Vojvodina, Serbia

What I knew about Serbia before we came here? Well, I’ve heard that it’s a beautiful country, the food is delicious, and beer is cheap. That’s all.

Previously I was reading a lot of information about the country we were going to. I was making a wish-list of the things I hoped to see, and sometimes I was preparing more detailed plan of our journey. Yes, that’s how I rolled. But nowadays I prefer to travel with a clear mind and opened heart, ready for adventures. That’s the reason why I kept my knowledge of Serbia to a minimum. And this approach made me feel like an explorer.

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