Day trip to Vršac

Vršac, city center, Serbia

I can’t say that I am a spontaneous person. On the contrary, I prefer to plan everything, including our vacation: where to go, what to see, etc. But when I saw Vršac on a map that was given to us by the Tourist information center of Bela Crkva, I got curious and googled it. Main thing that made me want to go there was the medieval Vršac tower (Vršačka kula). If you have been following my Instagram or my blog for some time now, then you know about my love for everything that was built and made in the Medieval Ages. So, I arranged a driver for us, and we hit the road next day.

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Exploring Serbian cuisine. Where to eat in Bela Crkva area

Restoran Krajina, Kaludjerovo, Bela Crkva area, Vojvodina, Serbia

I’ve visited twenty countries or so and have tried dozens of different dishes. There were many that I liked and few that I loved… but so far only one country managed to blow me away with its cuisine. Beautiful, delicious, rich in flavors. And even a simple thought of Serbian food makes my mouth water.

*WARNING: text contains erotic food pictures and descriptions, that is why it’s not recommended to read this post on an empty stomach

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