Mini road trip to Rantapirtti

Lake Salosvesi, Rantapirtti, Jamsa

Ah… summer… My favorite time of the year! I love it so much that I can even close my eyes on a fact that Finnish summer is not so ideal. Yes, it’s quite short, there are not many warm and sunny days and plenty of rainy ones instead. Finns even have a joke about it: I’m looking forward to summer… it’s the nicest day of the year.

Sometimes it feels sad and depressing but I prefer to concentrate on positive thoughts. Like… at least it’s not snowing… in most part of the country.

Anyways, this post is not about the weather. It’s about a place called Kievari Rantapirtti Inn. Or as I call it – Hunter’s hut. You’ll understand why from the photos below.

We visit it almost every time when we come to Jämsä city (located in Central part of Finland) – to visit my mother-in-law. Since her home is less than 40 kilometers away from this place.

So, what is Rantapirtti? I would describe it as an outdoor activity zone, surrounded by beautiful Finnish nature.

Rantapirtti - outdoor activity zone

Welcome to Rantapirtti!

Cozy Rantapirtti house... or as I call it - Hunter's hut


Rantapirtti, Jamsa, Finland

”Hunter’s hut”

Rantapirtti, Jamsa, Finland

Dining area

Rantapirtti, Jamsa, Finland

Love the interior…

Souvenir shop in Rantapirtti ''Hunter'shut'', Jamsa, Finland

Souvenir shop

Share photos of Rantapirtti in Instagram and get free drink

The offer that I couldn’t resist… I love beer and free beer I love even more. Thank you, Timo!

Rantapirtti arrange different kind of safaris – with canoes and ATVs during spring-summer-autumn seasons and with sled dogs and snowmobiles in the winter time. Fishing, frisbee golf and hiking is also a possibility. Sauna is a must!

Savusauna, Rantapirtti, Jamsa, Finland

Making Savusauna (smoke sauna) ready

Savusauna in Rantapirtti, Jamsa, Finland

Inside of the Savusauna… Easy to see why it’s called ”smoke” sauna

And of course, you can rent a room, cottage or camping area.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance yet to do any of the things mentioned above… well I’ve hoped to get a ride on a dogsled or go on a snowmobile safari but we weren’t very lucky with the weather – every time we came to Central Finland during winter holiday there was almost no snow at all.

You might ask why are we coming here so often if we are not participating in any of those activities. The thing is that the owners of Rantapirtti are old friends of my husband, so he comes here to chit-chat with them and catch up. As for me… I simply love this place! It’s nice, cozy, peaceful and relaxing. Very zen I would say. I usually take hot cacao with Cointreau (orange-flavored liqueur) and just wander around.

Beautiful Fnnish nature, Rantapirtti, Jamsa, Finland

Beauty of Finnish nature

Lake Salosvesi, Rantapirtti, Jamsa, Finland

Lake Salosvesi

Lake Salosvesi, Rantapirtti, Jamsa, Finland

So calm, so peaceful, so relaxing…

Rantapirtti, Jamsa, Finland

Even though I have been to Rantapirtti dozens of times, I don’t get bored of it. More than that – every time we come here it feels like I’m visiting this place for the very first time. At least the level of excitement doesn’t drop no matter how many years passed by.

We also started thinking about renting a mökki (cottage/cabin) and spending here one weekend. Get the Savusauna (smoke sauna) experience, take a swim in the Salosvesi lake and maybe go fishing or hiking…

So, if you are tired and exhausted of boring everyday life and wish to get away from overcrowded and busy city, where everyone is always in the rush, then Rantapirtti is a place for you.

P.S. recently I’ve heard that it is possible to order a ride in a rally car with a professional driver. This is definitely on my bucket list! I mean – how cool is that?!

Hope you enjoyed it!


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