Holiday in Sri Lanka. Part one. Intro

This photo was made from the Mount Lavinia Hotel terrace.

Not so long time ago I came back from Sri Lanka, where I’ve spent my summer holiday. It was quite an experience! Incomparable to any other vacation I’ve ever had before. Some might wonder why I choose Sri Lanka, what’s so special about this place. Well… to be completely honest it wasn’t my first choice. Or second for that matter.

After checking my bucket list, I decided that this year I will finally go to some exotic place, some place outside Europe. And in the beginning of January 2017 me and my husband started searching for possible holiday spots. Combining our wishes and budget possibilities wasn’t the easiest task but we managed to find perfect place. And no, it wasn’t Sri Lanka. But unfortunately (or should I rather say fortunately?) by the time I got green light from my bosses concerning my vacation days, our dream holiday and original plan was out of reach because in one month prices jumped incredibly high. So, we had to find other destination.

Since it was off season in Sri Lanka prices were “friendly” and affordable. And at that point it was our only choice. We didn’t think twice: Sri Lanka it is!

Excited and happy I started googling this mysterious island, already planning our holiday in my head: which sightseeing to visit, things to see, food to try… But when excitement cooled down a bit, it hit me – Sri Lanka was called Ceylon once and a couple of months ago I read an article about Ceylon travel experience. I found that article and read it again… When I got to the end of the story I was already giggling nervously. But after I saw my comment I couldn’t help it anymore and I just explode with laughter. “Thank you for sharing… After experiencing a slight cultural shock, I realized where I’m not going to go in the near future”. These were exact words I wrote to that travel post. I guess it explains my laughter.

Another thing I’ve learned – “off season” in Sri Lanka meant monsoon season. But even that didn’t bring my spirit down. “So, it would rain almost every day, big deal! Plus 30 degrees and raining is in any case better than +12 and raining”, thought I optimistically.

I didn’t really know what to expect from this trip, but one thing I knew for sure – holiday in Sri Lanka will be unforgettable and anything but boring!

This is the map of island Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon

Map of Sri Lanka


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