Holiday in Sri Lanka. Part two. Expectations vs Reality

Walking in Mount Lavinia beach, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Before going to Sri Lanka, I read information about this island in both – Russian and English. So, I would know what to expect, since I had absolutely no idea where we were going. Mainly I was reading posts and reviews written by other travelers. Some positive, some negative. And just like a puzzle they came together into a whole picture.

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Holiday in Sri Lanka. Part one. Intro

This photo was made from the Mount Lavinia Hotel terrace.

Not so long time ago I came back from Sri Lanka, where I’ve spent my summer holiday. It was quite an experience! Incomparable to any other vacation I’ve ever had before. Some might wonder why I choose Sri Lanka, what’s so special about this place. Well… to be completely honest it wasn’t my first choice. Or second for that matter.

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