Nordic walking in Soukka

Sunset view from the top of the cliff, Soukka,Espoo

If you are not from Finland, then you probably wonder what is Soukka.

Soukka is a Finnish district, located in southwestern part of Espoo city. It’s one of the oldest areas in Espoo. I moved here in the end of April of 2016.

Even though I’m not Finn, I do love and adore nature. So if I have to choose between life in the quite green neighborhood or noisy overcrowded center of the city – I won’t think twice. And luckily for me I ended up in the place where I wished to be. Soukka is just 25-30 minute drive from Helsinki by bus, which I think is pretty close but at the same time it seems to be far away because it’s surrounded by forest.

I was aware of the fact that Soukka has beautiful sceneries and landscapes… But knowing it and seeing it with your own eyes is totally different things. And up till this spring I haven’t really realized how blessed I am to live here! Of course I have seen some part of the area; I’ve been to the closest beach, have driven around in the car and have witnessed the most incredible and fascinating sunsets in my life from my very own balcony… Breathtaking!


But only when I started Nordic walking, I could finally see and appreciate the beauty of magnificent place that I call home.

Thanks to Nordic walking my childhood passion for exploring has awoken. I started wandering around, exploring “the unknown land” and being blown away by Finnish nature.

I walked to the sea using different routes…

Enjoying beautiful weather on the Soukka beach, Espoo

Soukka beach, Espoo

Sea view, Soukka, Espoo

Soukka, Espoo

…climbed highest rocks and cliffs…

Enjoying Nordic walking... or rather Nordic climbingin the Soukka forest

Soukka forest, Espoo

Enjoying Nordic walking... or rather Nordic climbingin the Soukka forest

Soukka forest, Espoo

Funny looking pine tree; I called it "gone with the wind"!

On top of the cliff, Soukka, Espoo

Exploring Soukka forest

Dead tree… Soukka forest, Espoo

…made dozens of photos, so I could share them with others…

Typical old style Finnish houses

Soukka, Espoo

Nordic walking in Soukka forest

Soukka forest, Espoo

Funny little pine tree, Soukka, Espoo

On top of the cliff, Soukka, Espoo

Another interesting pine tree; Soukka, Espoo

Soukka forest, Espoo

…and also enjoyed amazing sunsets while sitting on top of the cliff…

In the colors of the sunset, Soukka, Espoo

Sea view… Soukka, Espoo

Enjoying beautiful sunset on top of the cliff...

Beautiful sunset with the sea view, Soukka, Espoo

Sunset through the forest

Forest sunset, Soukka, Espoo

That’s how Nordic walking helped me to see what a wonderful and magical place Soukka really is.

Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom, Soukka, Espoo

Hope you enjoyed it!




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